Elise de Jager

My name is Elise EC de Jager, founder & visionary artist at ECJ Artworks. In 2013 I graduated as Visualiser at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam. I grew up close to the woods, dunes & beach, in Oostkapelle, Zeeland.  I’ve always been strongly connected to nature & animals, as well as to mysticism & spirituality. Sacred geometry & symmetry. Synchronicity & symbolism. Infinity & balance. Universal. These themes inspire me.  I visualize my vision & go deep into details. I mostly use lead pencil, watercolor & finalize digitally.  Mixing elements.  


Most commissions are creating artwork, album art, logos & tattoo designs.  Interested in my work, got a question, thought, wish or idea? Feel free to send a message, share & connect!

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