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Tony Fisher

He works for the steamfitters union in Pittsburgh, which is local 449. For as long as he can remember he has always kept himself busy with art. He’s not much of a painter, but I’ve always loved to draw, whether it was with charcoal, pastels, or any type of pencil. He never really attended any art classes to obtain, or improve any skills. He basically just kept experimenting with different styles and processes over the years, and tried teaching himself as much as he could.

Over the years his style became more and more developed. For the past five years, He’s been experimenting with ink work. The majority of it can be described as surreal, and its safe to say that a lot of it is influenced by, Salvador Dali. He also enjoys welding, which he considers another form of art. His art work is utilized as a reference for lyrics in his band Decaffeinated Grapefruit.

Breathing Under The Sun
Dirty Harry
Infinite Funnel
Hunter S Thompson
Waking Lyfe
Saint Vailentine's Day Masacare
Broken Throne
GTO #Paul Walker Edition_edited
Blinding Addiction
Cultural Scream
M-1 Garand
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