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Sean Coffey

Sean runs a design studio based out of Greater Pittsburgh, Pa run by founder Sean Coffey. Sean is from Chambersburg, PA with a background in the traditional arts, and custom fabrications fields. He moved to Pittsburgh in 2005 to study Industrial design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and now has The Coffey Shop located in the Edgewood Borough of Pittsburgh and Chambersburg, PA. Sean has over 14 years of custom fabrication and 20 years of fine art experience and works with a wide range of local builders and designers to make sure your project is one of a kind and to your exact specifications.

Our goal at The Coffey Shop is to provide the customer a one of a kind creative experience, while using recycled and reused materials without sacrificing the integrity of the project. Please take some time to check our portfolio and we look forward to working with you on your next project.

More of his work can be viewed at : Sean's Portfolio

Owl - Comission
Roses $10
Roses $10.00
Nature Series Prints $50.00s $250.00 for full set 16.5x11
Famous Portraits
Audrey and Monroe Portraits
Feathers $40.00 16.5x11
Swan $40.00 16.5x11
Warhol Pistols Commission
Beautiful Rain $40.00 16.5x11
Elephant Sold
AK Bouquet $50.00  16.5x11
Color Me Pittsburgh
City Scene
Acid Skyline $50.oo 16.5x11
Wine Glass $30
Blue Elephant Sold
Tiger $75.0
Smoking Jimi Sold
Harambe (Dead-Sold)
Sea Scene - Sold Commission available
Elephant acid on Steel $75.00
Boom Slang $250.00
Cheetah $300
Bobba Fett Sold
Antinque Saws
Palm Trees
Coy Fish
Burnt Moon
Installation Root
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