Billy Pilgrim

Together DJ Thermos and Billy Pilgrim are JunkFoods. They're unstuck in time, fusing the old and new hip-hop into new into volatile new combinations tied together by Pilgriim’s assured rhymes and Thermos’s lush production. They are flush with musical influences—some of the clearest being El-P, Mos Def, and Flying Lotus.


Pilgrim and Thermos first met at Pittsburgh’s lost hip-hop mecca, The Shadow Lounge. Pilgrim is a creative force in Pittsburgh’s music scene, performing solo and fronting bands Killer of Sheep and Hwite Menace. Syltistically, Pilgrim skates between poetic and political, rough and slick, trickster and prophet. Thermos is a studio rat and scratch technician dedicated to finding fresh sounds. His tracks are always eclectic and full of deep pockets. He cut his teeth as a hip-hop DJ, branched out into production, and is currently building his synthesizer chops as part of the band Chantillion.


Don’t listen to JunkFoods. They will rot your mind.

Music Videos:

There it is

The Road(Live)

Selfies at a Funeral 

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