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Jay Griffin

Jay Griffin grew up in a small Michigan town, the oldest of six children. He bounced back and forth between two broken homes, both riddled with physical abuse, poverty, and addictions. Due to this neglect, he often felt as though few have ever truly understood him, or even cared to. At a very young age, his grandmother introduced him to the world of art though popular television shows like, Painting with Bob Ross, and, The Secret City. After that, Jay delved into art to escape the melancholy world around him and was rarely ever seen without a pen or pencil in his hand. In his teen years, he found himself bullied almost daily after moving to a new school, and he fell into a deep depression. For nearly a year he lost his enthusiasm for art. That was until one of his three psychiatrists convinced him to pick up the pencils again. He found, by drawing in class, people liked what he created and life at school become a little easier. Though even then, his home life was still broken. His father was in and out of jail, his stepmother a physically abusive alcoholic who would beat her oldest daughter in front of him and their other siblings. By the age of sixteen, Jay had made friends with adults in their mid twenties. He spent weekends drinking alcohol, smoking weed, and not caring about the world around him. Just before his seventeenth birthday, he was involved in a near fatal car accident when he was hit head on by a drunk driver. Surviving the accident completely changed his views and opinions about his own life. He stopped blaming others for his own misfortune, and after losing a close friend due to her shallow dislike of his newly scarred face, decided he no longer cared what other people thought of him. This monumental turning point made him choose to no longer attach his own personal happiness to people or objects, but rather to a long term goal. He set forth to become one of the world's most recognized artists. With great volition, he has studied a broad spectrum of styles and techniques by other artists, and now mimics nearly any style he sees; adapting them to his own and making his own works irrefutably unique. He has been published multiple times in magazines, books, and online, and his works have found their way into homes all over the world. He currently pushes himself to do better every day, and has made his primary focus in life, his love for creating art. Jay has always thought of his paintings and illustrations as his own children, and never wanted to part with them. He now realizes he's collected too much of his own work, and it hasn't been shared enough with the world as he originally intended. His pricing reflects the amount of time he puts into each individual piece. Jay's most recent works are inspired by events, places, and people throughout the world that he feels are emotionally or spiritually beautiful. He lets life's tiny details, happy or sad, fuel the creative flame inside his heart. A portion of his time is spent working on a fair number of commissions for various collectors and clients, when he isn't working on personal artworks to generate more interest from potential collectors and clients. Today he can be found drawing, painting, or sculpting something for you. He does it all for you, but if not for you, he would still do it all the same.

Feather 2 Set $250
Feather 3 Set $250
Feather 1 Set$ 250
Figure01 $150
DejaVu 3 $800
Melanie $1200
Inner Peaces $12000
Nathans Tree sold
Societal Walls
Blue Girl Karma $800
Blue drip sold
Frank sold
Johnny sold
Guardian 1 $1000
Guardian 2 $1500
Guardian 3 $1500
Sea Turtle sold
Sea Horse sold
RedTurtle sold
Raven sold
Panda sold
Fifth Element sold
PittsburghDrip01 _sold
Lily sold
Conte Girl sold
Mona Blur sold
Justice For Liberty sold
Marissa Drip $400
$15 LonelyTree Print
Lion $50
Kowala sold
Knight sold
Kevin sold
DejaVu 2 $400
Jimmy sold
Honey Bee sold
Heart sold
Giraffes 3 sold
Giraffes 2 sold
Giraffes 1 sold
Gecko sold
Fox sold
Flower 3 sold
Floral 2 sold
Flower 2 sold
Figure $10 Print
Floral sold
Breathe sold
Flower sold
Ferguson Conflict sold
Cowboy $150
Car sold
Cat sold
Boogy Prints
Black Heart $150
Bigcat 3 $75
Bigcat 2 $75
Bigcat 1 $75
Bitch sold
Angela sold
2ts4 sold
2ts2 sold
2ts3 sold
$734 sold
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