H E A V Y  C H E S T

The life experiences we have affect us all in different ways but it is how we respond that ends up defining who or what we are. Heavy Chest is a group bathed in catharsis. A response to their collected life experiences. An experimental rock group informed by electronic elements, the four piece seeks an atmosphere of world building where emotion and technology work in harmony, rather than tear each other to shreds. With melodies that are familiar yet just a bit off, rhythms that jump from soothing to abrasive and lyrics that often betray something deeper below the surface, Heavy Chest is an outlet for a unique energy. Music written for ghosts to sing.

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Drums/Percussion: Aaron

Guitar: Zack

Bass/Vocals: Keith

Vocals/Guitar/Electronics: Justin

Redfishbowl Studios

4327 Butler Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15201

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