Durty is an urban artist from Pittsburgh, Pa that works primarily with aerosol paints, and hand made stencils. If you look through his catalog of completed paintings you’ll see that there is deep connection to hip hop. Some have categorized some of his work as “Pop Art” with the childhood figures that he has painted with gas masks.

Since he has been showcasing his work publicly at local businesses, live painting shows, his art has gotten in the hands of the following:

KRS ONE  – Paradise Gray – Mr. Dibbs –  Jasiri X – Real Deal – Darryl “DMC” McDaniels – Brother Ali – DJ Abilities – Talib Kweli – Darktime Sunshine – Asphate – Goldini Bagwell – Simple Steven – Jeremy Fish – Murs -Aesop Rock –  Rob Sonic – Carnage the Executioner – Graffiti Legend Adam Cost – Paes 164

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