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Casey Worthing

Casey is a Scenic Designer, Illustrator & Animator for Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center.

Casey Worthing is a multi-faceted illustrator and designer with a heavy fine art background. His style can be described as a mixture of graffiti, and surrealism that is  immersed in the visionary realm. Casey's work is often colorful and high energy, usually relying on a creature or abstract subject to add personality and to darken the mood.

As the Production Artist for Wall-to-Wall Studios, Casey is one of the creative and strategic forces behind award winning projects such as: Burgatory, UPMC: Health Care Simplified, Many Carnegie Mellon University websites, James Gallery and more.


While at Wall-to-Wall Studios, Casey is a recipient of numerous Local, Regional and Nation design awards including Addy’s, AIGA, Education Advertising Awards. He has also been recognized in publications such as Communication Arts, Graphic Design Annual, Print Magazine etc. 


“He combines illustrative techniques with a slightly sinister whimsy to create characters that are other worldly and deranged yet inviting and kind of adorable.” — Pierce Marratto, Touchfaster

Casey Worthing's Portfolio

Nobody Believes In Us
Wise but Brittle
Tap Handle Living Color IPA
Cry Saora
Gate Keeper
Head Coney Awakening
PBR Creature Can
The Existential Gentlemen Promo Poster-Web
I Like Tull-Tulls
Hood Rat
Head Cony
Plankeye Skateboard Deck
Rotten But Not Forgotten
Belly Clifftop
Drown Your Sorries
Her Name is Sydd
Portrait Pete Goimarac Sr.
Portrait Art Art is
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