Ben Yockel

Born, raised, and currently living just north of Pittsburgh, PA, Ben Yockel’s work is influenced by 19th century realism and inspired by his fellow contemporaries in the movie and video game industries. Entering the public art market in 2012 Yockel is primarily self taught, finding most of his growth while attending college for Theology and Philosophy. With the use of bright vibrant colors, contrasted values, and adventurous imagery, Yockel finds that each piece should tell a unique story allowing the viewer to be transported to a new world. His work can be seen around the city of Pittsburgh, here at Red Fish Bowl, and at his website...


Cinder Block Studios

Vacation to the Stars High Res
The kindred afterglow
Heaven's Voice
Citrus Fields downscale
Fear and Confusion #3
Colors of The Sea
Hall of the Ancestors
Upward from the Salt Marsh
Clairvoyance of the Eartly Realm
The Reckoning
searching for answers high res
Door to Nowhere
Burst Forth in Living Color
In the Shadows of our Hearts
River of Gold
Home of the Water Guardians
Chaos and Radiance
They Seem Almost Endless
Pit Stop at Giant's Spring
Land of Silver and Gold
Steel and Stone
Something Extraordinary
Connections to the past
Our Last Night on Earth
Spider Worlds
Reflecting Pool
Bridge of Destiny
Watchful Under Weeping Flora
Beyond the great unknown

Redfishbowl Studios

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Pittsburgh, PA 15201

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