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Ben Yockel

Born, raised, and currently living just north of Pittsburgh, PA, Ben Yockel’s work is influenced by 19th century realism and inspired by his fellow contemporaries in the movie and video game industries. Entering the public art market in 2012 Yockel is primarily self taught, finding most of his growth while attending college for Theology and Philosophy. With the use of bright vibrant colors, contrasting values, and adventurous imagery, Yockel finds that each piece should tell a unique story allowing the viewer to be transported to a new world. He believes that everyone will see something different in a piece of art, and feels his work is no different in this respect. Using his work to inspire others to create great things, he also takes great pride in teaching art to aspiring artists via. Youtube.

When he isn’t painting, Yockel can be found playing games, creating electronic music, writing, and mixing craft cocktails.


Yockel's work can be found under the name Cinder Block Studios

Edge of the Forbidden Sea
Escape Vector
Clash of Immortals
Trial of Northern Wood
The Beacon
Molten River
The Factory on Mt. Kaze
Overlooking the New World
Bath House at Satoru Pass
It Wells Up From Within
Insanity Vector
Sinkhole Sensation
I Can Read the Writing on the Wall
The Reckoning
They Seem Almost Endless
Something Extraordinary
Watchful Under Weeping Flora
Beyond the Great Unknown
Spider Worlds
Reflecting Pool
Steel and Stone
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